Biotin, a nutrient beyond beauty, affects all aspects of metabolism in the brain

When we hear biotin, the first thing that usually comes to mind is cosmetic brands promoting their products, with biotin being one of their primary ingredients. Well, this is because, for many years, we have been fed that biotin is a great nutrient that promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails.

While there is nothing wrong with the fact that biotin is indeed a very effective beautifying nutrient, if you dig deep into its medical benefit, you will find that its importance goes beyond that. Let’s have a look at what biotin is and what its health benefits are.

What is Biotin?

Biotin belongs to the B vitamin family and is also termed vitamin B-7. It is a water-soluble nutrient that helps in the proper function of enzymes like carboxylases. These enzymes help modify various molecules like fatty acids that facilitate the functioning of various tasks within our body.

Benefits Of Biotin 

Processing macronutrients

Biotin aids in the breaking down of nutrients present in the food and converts them into energy for easy absorption.

Enhances brain functioning

Biotin improves memory and reduces the chances of cognitive issues and neurodegenerative disorders.

Prevention from dementia

Biotin ensures the proper function of the nervous system by promoting neurotransmitter roles and improving nerve signals. The addition of biotin in your diet assists in synthesizing neurotransmitters like dopamine, leading to overall mental well-being.

Boost energy

Lack of biotin in the diet causes fatigue and makes you feel tired all day. A regular supply of biotin provides your body with the required energy and boosts your mood by proper utilization of energy that is produced in the body.

Thyroid function

Biotin makes sure that the body’s fundamental processes, such as getting enough sleep, feeling hungry, and experiencing pain, are maintained. Lack of biotin can lead to improper thyroid functions that can cause weight gain, tiredness, etc.

Child development

Biotin encourages proper bodily functions, which is great for a pregnant woman. The right amount of biotin intake through a regular diet reduces the risk of complications that arise during pregnancy and promotes healthy baby growth.


No matter how and when you use biotin, having biotin in your balanced diet is a major contribution to not only your hair or skin but other bodily and brain functions. From neurotransmitter regulation to the improvement of cognitive functions of the brain, like reasoning, multitasking, and problem-solving, it promotes healthy brain functioning and makes your body get up and going.