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Aditi & Gaurav Oberoi have been serial entrepreneurs in the Digital space. They run a well-known digital marketing training academy (Inc Academy) in the region. They launched Hamples after they found a gap in the ability to try new products (without having to buy the full product sizes). ​

There’s a huge amount of money & resources that get wasted because of the lack of options to try before we buy. In every single product category, Trials are not only the biggest ‘motivator to purchase’, but also extremely important for users to discover new brands/products which they may not otherwise consider to ‘Add to cart’.

We live in a world where we are exposed to infinite choices, and we seek easy and convenient ways to discover products & services that work for us. Hamples gives you the opportunity to do just that – select samples you want to try, have them shipped to your doorstep, experience, enjoy and shop if you like what you’ve tried. ​


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