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Empowering Financial Inclusion and Growth

AU Small Finance Bank is a leading bank based in India that focuses on serving society’s underbanked and unbanked segments. Established in 1996 as AU Financiers, the company transitioned into a small finance bank in 2017, expanding its services and bringing banking access to previously underserved communities.

With a strong commitment to financial inclusion, AU Bank aims to empower individuals and small businesses by providing accessible and comprehensive banking solutions. The bank offers various products and services, including savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, loans, insurance, etc.

One of the key strengths of AU Bank lies in its personalised and customer-centric approach. The bank understands its customers’ unique needs and challenges and tailors its products and services accordingly. Whether providing customised loan solutions to small businesses or offering flexible savings accounts for individuals, AU Small Finance Bank strives to simplify banking, more convenient and inclusive.

AU Small Finance Bank’s lending services are particularly notable. The bank offers loans for various purposes, including business, personal, vehicle, and home loans. These loans are designed to meet the specific requirements of different customer segments, and the bank follows a streamlined process to ensure quick approvals and disbursals. AU Small Finance Bank is vital in driving economic growth and empowering entrepreneurs by extending credit to individuals and small businesses.

In addition to lending, the bank also offers a comprehensive suite of banking services to cater to the diverse financial needs of its customers. This includes Internet banking, mobile banking, online fund transfers, bill payments, and more. The bank’s digital platforms provide convenient access to banking services anytime, anywhere, enabling customers to manage their finances easily.

With a strong presence across multiple states in India, AU Small Finance Bank has established a widespread network of branches and ATMs. This extensive reach enables the bank to serve customers in both urban and rural areas, contributing to these communities’ overall development and prosperity.

In conclusion, AU Small Finance Bank is a prominent player in the Indian banking sector, championing financial inclusion and growth. Through its customer-centric approach, comprehensive product offerings, focus on technology, and commitment to serving underbanked segments, Get your account opened in India’s leading player in the finance sector with an additional discount of up to Rs. 97.50 from


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