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At Ajmal Perfumes, we have crafted the art of perfumery into a science – such that we craft everlasting memories through our fragrances. Ajmal stands strong as a corporate entity with a vast portfolio of over 300 of the finest and most captivating fragrances.

Welcome to the world of extravagant Fragrance and Body Care by Ajmal Perfumes! 

Ajmal Perfumes is a rich heritage spanning the globe for over seven decades. The brand is primarily famous for being luxury, elegance, and unparalleled craftsmanship in the realm of fragrances, currently running out of its family-owned business from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The brand was initially established in 1951 by the visionary entrepreneur Haji Ajmal Ali. Ajmal Perfumes has blossomed into an integral player in the perfume business. What commenced as a modest business in India later evolved into a global empire, tantalising hearts with enchanting aromas. With time, Ajmal Perfumes has portrayed itself as a symbol of refined taste, reflecting the epitome of craftsmanship and innovation. 

The brand currently exports its exquisite range of products to 45 countries across the globe, maintaining its global presence worldwide.

At Ajmal Perfumes,  with a team of master perfumers with unrivalled expertise, the art of fragrance creation is elevated to an exceptional level. Each fragrance crafted by Ajmal evokes emotions, memories, and a sense of luxury. The perfumers integrate the finest elements around the world, paying attention to detail to ensure that each scent is a classic in its way.

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Get the best deals on Ajmal’s timeless classics that exude elegance and sophistication to contemporary creations that embrace modern sensibilities. There is a fragrance for every occasion and mood. So Sign up now and get your online cart filled with Ajmal’s vast portfolio of over 300 of the finest and most captivating fragrances, including body care, perfume oils, Home fragrances, and much more. 


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